Defibtech Training Conversion Kit for Your Lifeline AED

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  • Designed for use in conjunction with the actual Defibtech Lifeline Tech and Auto Defibrillators
  • Negates the need to purchase a separate Trainer Unit
  • Includes specially designed software and battery for the defibrillator to recognise training mode
  • Ideal for businesses who carry out routine training of existing staff and to train new staff
  • Remote control allows the trainer to manage the session as needed
  • Easy to convert back to a lifesaving defibrillator ready for emergency use


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Instead of using a stand alone training unit like other defibrillators the LIFELINE can be converted for use as a training unit, meaning that the unit serves multiple purposes in both Live and Training use.

For use with the LIFELINE Defibtech (AED) – this conversion kit allows you to turn your clinical device into a training unit. Within the kit, there is a SD card which when inserted into the device will switch the unit over to training mode.

The ‘Training Conversion Package’ – consisting of a training battery, battery charger and training software – the training package can be used in conjunction with training pads (sold separately) to safely use your Lifeline AED for training purposes. Then once training is complete switch back to the live battery, pads and software to return your Lifeline AED to a live unit once again.

1 x Rechargeable battery

1 x Battery charger

1 x Set of adult training pads

1 x Training software

1 x Remote control

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