Welcome to our Defibrillator Pad Reminder Service

A cardiac arrest can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone. Early defibrillation and effective CPR is the single most effective treatment for sudden cardiac arrest. This is why you must ensure that your defibrillator is always “rescue ready” for the best chance of saving a life.

We will send you an email approx. 2 months before your pad expiry date to remind you that your pads require to be replaced. 
It is also important to know your AED battery replacement date so you can order a new battery and have it delivered before it expires.

  • Pads are designed for single use only and should be replaced each time the defibrillator is used.
  • The life of a battery can vary depending on the manufacturer and number of occasions the defibrillator is used with most needing to be replaced between two and five years.
  • We recommend you have a spare set of defibrillation pads to ensure your defibrillator is ready to be used at all times.
  • Paediatric pads reduce the charge output and are to be used on children.
  • For every site we recommend you have two nominated people who are responsible for providing regular monthly checks on your defibrillator, ensuring the pads and batteries are in date.

Please give our supplies team a call on 0141 332 1828 or email [email protected]

You can also register your defibrillator by simply completing the form below.