Zoll CPR Stat-Padz Single 2 years shelf life

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  • Suitable for ZOLL AED Plus Defibrillator
  • 2 Year Shelf Life


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Additional Information

ZOLL CPR Stat-padz®are designed for use with AED and professional defibrillators.  The two-piece construction ensures all therapy options are available  to the ALS responder, while the unique design gives it utility in both the Anterior/Anterior and Anterior/Posterior placement.

Failure to adequately compress a victim’s chest or to compress too quickly is a common error during CPR.  Real CPR Help®  provides real-time feedback on compression rate and depth during CPR. Simply place hands on the CPR sensor and perform CPR; software in the AEDs and professional defibrillators evaluates rate and depth.

Compressions cm



1 x Set of Zoll Stat Padz


2 Year Shelf Life

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