LifePak Battery Charge-Pak with One Set of Pads

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  • Suitable for Adults over 8 years old
  • 2 year shelf for both battery and pads
  • Suitable for Lifepak CR Plus Defibrillator ONLY 


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Additional Information

Replacing both your battery and pads at the same time makes maintaining your life-saving device straight forward.

The battery charger can provide a charge for approximately two years, as long as the defibrillator is not used.

The CHARGE-PAK battery charger is a replaceable, non rechargeable battery cell that charges your defibrillator’s internal battery.

To prevent damage to the internal battery, always keep the battery charger in place, including during storage or shipping.

The packet should remain connected to the defibrillator and unopened until required for an SCA emergency. QUIK-PAK electrode pads are not reusable.

When installed, these two accessories allow your defibrillator to stand by for use for approximately two years.

The electrode packet Use By date is programmed into the battery charger. When the date is reached, the CHARGE-PAK symbol appears in the readiness display, indicating both the battery

charger and electrode packet need to be replaced


  • Includes 1 set of electrodes and 1 battery charger
  • replacement instructions
  • discharger for safe disposal of used CHARGE-PAK charger

1 x Battery Charge Pak with One set of Pads for Lifepak CR Plus


CHARGE-PAK Battery Charger - Weight: 0.8kg  Shelf life: 2 years

QUIK-PAK Electrode Pads - Shelf life: 2 years  Dimensions: 11.2 x 18.5cm  Leadwire length: 1.067m  Surface area: 82cm2

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