ZOLL Surface Wall Mounting Defibrillator Cabinet with Alarm

£271.35 £325.62

  • Surface wall mounted cabinet for housing the AED Plus defibrillator
  • Room for storage of the AED Plus in a carry case and an extra set of electrodes
  • Alarmed
  • For indoor use only


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Designed to protect your Zoll AED Plus defibrillator from misuse, vandalism and accidental damage while providing a secure central storage location, this surface mounted wall cabinet features a clear vision panel on the front of the unit and an audible alarm. The vision panel allows first responders to quickly and easily locate and identify the defibrillator in an emergency while the audible alarm can not only deter misuse but will alert people in the area that an emergency is in progress

Indoor use only


1 x ZOLL Surface Wall Mounting Defibrillator Cabinet with Alarm

  • External dimensions: 44.5 x 44.5 x 25cm
  • Internal dimensions: 44.1 x 44.1 x 21.6cm

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