About Us

St Andrew’s First Aid is Scotland’s dedicated first aid charity and leading first aid training provider. We believe no one should suffer or die because they needed first aid and didn’t get it.

Our mission is to raise awareness of the importance of first aid skills through first aid event cover, first aid training courses and first aid education within schools and communities across Scotland.

Our Volunteering Opportunities

St Andrew’s First Aid Volunteers are the lifeblood of our charity and dedicate thousands of hours to making Scotland a safer place.

First Aid Event Cover

We are Scotland’s leading provider of first aid event cover. Whatever event size or location, we’ll meet your first aid requirements.

First Aid Training Courses

We offer a range of workplace, health and safety and public first aid courses.

First Aid Supplies

Our supplies store stocks everything first aid. From first aid kits and defibrillators to plasters and dressings.

Schools Programme

Our Schools Programme teaches essential first aid to children and young people.


We look to raise funds for our volunteers’ life-saving equipment and essential training to ensure they are equipped out on duty across Scotland.

140 Years of Saving Lives

Since 1882, our goal has always been and will always be to make sure that nobody suffers or dies because they needed first aid and didn’t get it. With the help of donations (big or small), our volunteers can provide people across Scotland with first aid attention and vital life-saving education, particularly in communities where the need is greatest.