Youth Groups

St Andrew’s First Aid Youth Groups are part of the bigger picture to make Scotland the best place for children and young people to grow up.  We are creating resilient, confident young people, providing them with opportunities and experiences they might not have had.

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Our free Youth groups are integrated in some of the most vulnerable local communities in Scotland. Our Youth programme removes the many barriers young people face (social, physical and economic inequalities) that could stop them from joining a youth group and being part of their community. What we do is more than just teaching first aid skills.

We are providing young people with a safe place to learn, grow and have fun.  An environment for children and young people to build their confidence and self-worth and help them keep their community safe.  All with the result of helping our young people to reach their full potential with no barrier to stop them.

Going forward the aim of the youth programmes is about building first aid skills, confidence and drive in our young people.  Preparing them for the future and improving their wellbeing.  With passionate, skilled and dedicate youth members then becoming adult volunteers, we will be ensuring the future of the organisation.

FAQ Information for Parents

Is there a charge for joining?

St Andrews’ First Aid Youth Section is free to join and is a great way of offering young people a wide variety of fun, challenging and exciting activities that help them to learn life-saving first aid skills.

How does my child join?

If you would like your child to become a youth member of St Andrew’s First Aid please click here to register your interest.

We will send you an application form and provide the meeting address and times of the nearest youth section to you along with the contact details of the Youth Leader.

Do St Andrew’s Youth have a uniform?

Our youth volunteers will be provided with a uniform free of charge. The uniform consists of a polo shirt, sweatshirt and baseball cap.

Keeping our young people safe

St Andrew’s First Aid takes child protection extremely seriously and we are committed to ensuring that we provide a safe environment for all of our young people, volunteers and staff.

We always ensure that every volunteer and member of staff that works with or supervises young people in our organisation completes a disclosure check and joins the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme (PVG). We also make certain that references are taken up, which means that we comply fully with Scottish regulations.

All members who work with children must follow the procedures laid out in our Child Protection Policy. The organisation will take appropriate action against anyone not following these policies.

St Andrew’s First Aid regularly reviews and updates the Child Protection Policy and guidance to ensure our information is up to date. We also ensure our volunteers and staff complete the child protection awareness course and we run workshops each year around Scotland.