Evac+Chair Comfy Seat

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  • Provides comfort when using an Evac+Chair Evacuation Chair
  • Provides additional support when using the chairs
  • Makes the Evac+Chair more comfortable for prolonged use
  • Suitable with the Evac+Chair range


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The use of an Evac+Chair is safety, first and foremost. However, that does not mean the user should be left in discomfort as they are evacuated from the building. They should be made comfortable to help keep them calm in the middle of an otherwise stressful situation.

The use of the Evac+Chair Comfy Seat can do precisely that. Providing cushioning and support for the user, the seat helps to make the evacuation chair far more comfortable for use.

Features of the Evac+Chair Comfy Seat

Small yet supportive, the comfy seat is designed to be used with the Evac+Chair range.

Fitted to the chair, it allows for the safety straps to be used without having to be adjusted, ensuring the user is both comfortable and safe while the chair is in use.

The comfy seat provides an additional layer of comfort and support for the seat. The user will be left in no discomfort with the use of the seat, even if they are sitting in the chair for a prolonged period of time.



1 x Evac + Chair Comfy Seat


Height - 8cm

Width - 52cm

Depth - 33cm

Weight - 2kg

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