One Application Body Fluid Clean-Up Kit

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  • Single-use complete incident pack
  • Individually boxed with full requirements
  • Clear instructions on pack exterior
  • Complete protection for users


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This one application clean up kit is ideal for dealing with an individual body fluid incident

This kit contains a pair of gloves and a polythene apron to protect yourself in any incident

A 10g Absorbent Body Fluid Powder that can absorb about a litre of fluid and convert it into a more manageable gel

A scraper/scoop for containing the contaminated gel

8ml Disinfectant spray and a disinfectant wipe for the clean up

A Yellow Biohazard Bag to place all the gel, scoop, scraper, gloves, apron and cloths into after use




Instructions x 1

Gloves x 1

Disinfectant Wipe x1

Sharps Disposal Container 0.5L x 1

Biohazard Bag x 1

Plastic Tweezers x 1

Polythene Apron x 1

Disinfectant Spray 30ml x 1

Absorbent Powder 10g x 1

Scoop & Scraper x 1

Dry Wipe x 2

Oversleeves x 1

Face Mask x 1

  • Width 164 mm
  • Height 260 mm
  • Depth 45 mm

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