Complete Economy First Aid Room

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  • Cost effective option
  • Contains 9 essential items for a first aid room
  • Great value


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Contains the essential first aid facilities for a first aid room including first aid couch, first aid room sign, first aid cabinet and others. The economy first aid room will save you money if you where to order these items separate.

Comply with the Health & Safety Commission Approved Code of Practice L74 March 1997 which states that “Employers
should provide a suitable first aid room or rooms where the assessment of first aid needs identifies this as necessary.”




Package Includes:
1 x Examination Couch
1 x First Aid Room Sign
1 x First Aid Guidance Poster
1 x 3 Tier Trolley
1 x Red Cotton Blanket
1 x  Polyester Filled Pillow
1 x Metal Cabinet
1 x Pedal Bin
1 x Economy Couch Roll


Examination Couch (77cm x 60cm x 183cm)
First Aid Room Sign (20cm x 30cm)
First Aid Guidance Poster (84cm x 59cm)
Trolley, 3 Tier (50cm x 30cm)
Blanket, Scarlet Cotton (150cm x 200cm)
Polyester Filled Pillow
Metal Cabinet (60cm x 50cm x 12.5cm)
Pedal Bin (12 litre)
Economy Couch Roll (45cm x 50cm)

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