Zoll AED Plus Semi Automatic Defibrillator

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  • Real CPR Help provides real-time CPR feedback on the rate and depth of chest compressions
  • Audio prompts and visual icons
  • Easy-to-place, one-piece CPR-D-padz  electrodes with a 5-year shelf life
  • Rugged design with an IP (ingress protection) rating of IP55 for dust and water
  • Can withstand conditions like extreme temperature, altitude, vibration, and shock
  • Off-the-shelf lithium batteries (Duracell 123a) with a 5-year battery life
  • Intelligent paediatric capability: Pedi-padz paediatric electrodes can be purchased separately for children up to 8 years old or weighing less than 55 pounds
  • Automatic self-testing helps ensure a state of readiness

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Additional information

The AED Plus coaches you quickly and simply through every step of the rescue process using audio and visual prompts. An adaptive metronome will help guide you to the correct rate of 100 compressions per minute in accordance with the UK Resuscitation Guidelines 2010. A bar gauge on screen even allows you to see your compressions as you are doing them. Audio prompts will help you to maintain the correct depth of 5-6cm by asking you to ‘PUSH HARDER’ as needed.

The AED Plus uses an easy to place one-piece electrode which can be extended to fit larger patients if necessary, giving you one less thing to worry about.

The AED Plus also has intelligent paediatric capability that automatically analyses a child’s ECG when paediatric electrodes are connected. This ensures that a child heart rhythm is correctly analysed and if a shock is advised an appropriate paediatric specific energy level is delivered.

The specially designed lid can even be used to help maintain an open airway allowing you to focus on delivering high-quality chest compressions.

Automatically detects if Pedi-Padz® II Child Electrodes are used making it suitable for use on children under 8 years old.

The unit self tests and displays a clearly visible status ready indicator.

  • 1 x ZOLL Plus Semi Automatic Defibrillator
  • 10 x CR123A Lithium batteries
  • 1 x CPR-D padz electrodes with first responder kit
  • 1 x Operator’s guide

Dimensions: 24.1 × 29.2 × 13.3 cm

Weight: 3.1 kg including battery and pads

Dust / water resistance: IP55

Energy selection (Adult): 120 - 200 Joules

Energy selection (child): 50 - 85 Joules

Infant / child capability: Pedi-Padz® II Child Electrodes sold separately

Internal memory: 50 minutes of ECG and CPR data.

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