Powerheart G5 Adult Defibrillator Pads with CPR Device

£159.50 £191.40

  • Pair of Adult Defibrillation with CPR Device
  • For use with G5 Automatic and Semi Automatic Defibrillators
  • Automatically recognised and synchronised by the defibrillator, which then provides clear, concise instructions and CPR feedback on compressions and rate effectiveness in real-time
  • For use on Adults 8 years and older


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Additional Information

Adult defibrillation pads with CPR device for the Powerheart® G5 aed

Intellisense® CPR defibrillation pads for adults include all the features of the Intellisense™ Defibrillation Pads and an integrated CPR Feedback Device. The CPR Device, when used with the Powerheart® G5, provides rescuer real-time CPR feedback to ensure effective chest compression rate and depth. No complicated instructions or special preparation required. Using the Intellisense™ CPR Feedback Device is as simple as placing the sensor on the victim’s chest and performing chest compressions.

21 – 24 month shelf life



1 x pack of Pads for Powerheart G5 with CPR Device


Weight - 0.3kg

Shelf life - 24 months

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