Blue Dot Standard Burns Kit

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  • Specifically stocked for treating burns
  • Provides fast and effective treatment
  • Meets current HSE guidelines
  • Includes integral bracket


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Blue Dot Burns Kit is effective for use at work or home and provides effective relief from a variety of burns including, scalds and sunburn. The Blue Dot Burns Kit is an essential requirement with the workplace. Particularly where the risk of getting burn related injuries is higher.


Burns Dressing - 10cm x 10cm x2
Burn Gel - 3.5g x8
Burn Dressing - 20cm x 20cm x1
Advacare Low Adherent Dressing - 5cm x 5cm x2
Advacare Low Adherent Dressing - 10cm x 10cm x2
Crepe Bandage x1
Eye Wash Pods x5
Microporous Tape x1
Gloves - Pair x2
Conforming Bandage x2
Scissors x1


18cmH x 27cmW x 10cmD

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