Refill for Medium Workplace Kit

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  • Supplied in recyclable carton
  • Immediate refreshment of original kit
  • Keep your existing box


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The new British standard BS-8599-1 compliant Workplace Kits are a clear and simple way for employers to meet their first aid obligations in the work place today.

Our new range of workplace kits all conform with the new standard BS-8599-1 as do our refill supplies.



1 x Refill for BSi Medium Workplace Kit


1 x Guidance Leaflet

6 x Medium Dressing

2 x Large Dressing

3 x Triangular Bandage

12 x Safety Pins

3 x Eye Pad Dressings

60 x Sterile Adhesive Dressing

30 x Cleansing Wipes

1 x  Tape

9 x Adult Gloves Pairs

3 x Finger Dressings

2 x Resuscitation Face Shield

2 x Foil Blankets

2 x Burns Dressings

1 x Shears

2 x Conforming Bandage

60 x  Plasters Assorted

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