CoolTherm Gel Bottle 60ml

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  • Sterile trauma hydrogel burn gel.
  • Minimises trauma and skin damage.
  • Non-adherent to burnt skin.
  • Non-toxic.


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Conformable to enable treatment of the entire burn.
Bench marked to the accepted industry standard, with over 20 years safe use.
5 years shelf life.

In cases of minor burns, a dressing may not always be necessary. Topical application of the gel alone to the affected area will soothe discomfort, and relieve pain, while still preventing the progress of the burn on unbroken skin.

The Cool Therm Spray Gel offers the perfect solution where a dressing is not required, and has the added advantage of a ‘non-touch’ application.



1 x Cool Therm Gel Bottle 60ml

Size: 60ml

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