Maxi-Flex Dressing 30cm x 45cm

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  • Extra large dressing
  • Unique features for major injuries
  • Super-absorbent wound pad
  • Wound coverage 30cm x 45cm


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Extra large dressing with multiple uses. Super-absorbent, made from stretch bandage material with a dressing pad.

For use when more than standard HSE dressings are needed. Maxiflex dressings are suitable for all major injuries.

All first aiders, emergency services and emergency service personnel should carry this dressing.

NB: Maxiflex multi-absorbent dressings do not contain super-absorbent powders. Sanitary towels and incontinence pads routinely use super-absorbent powders which turn to gel on contact with water.

These gel components pose a serious medical risk if they enter the bloodstream via an open wound.


1 x Maxi-Flex Dressing

Size: 30cm x 45cm

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