Smooth Mover Patient Transfer Board

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  • It is radio-translucent and can be left in place during x-ray procedures
  • This is the ideal daily patient moving device that is lightweight yet extremely durable
  • A “must have” for hospitals, nursing homes, EMS or clinical applications
  • Utilized by ambulance teams to move patients in close quarters


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An economical ultra-smooth polyethylene patented board especially designed to furnish expert patient transference with minimal trauma to the patient.

Perfect for daily patient moving needs: EMS or hospital, nursing home or clinic applications. Easy on …easy off.

Economical ultra smooth patented board which is capable of safely moving even large patients with minimal staffing requirements.



1 x Smooth Mover Patient Transfer Board

  • X-Ray translucent
  • Perfect for daily patient moving needs
  • Dimensions: 3/16" x 22" x 72"

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