Evac+Chair Secure Steel Cabinet

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  • Stainless steel epoxy coated cabinet for Evac+Chair Evacuation Chairs
  • Secured by lock and key for safe storage
  • Compact and out of the way storage
  • Designed for a busy office environment


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Finding a place to store your evacuation chair can be a challenge. It needs to be accessible for use in an emergency, but also safe and out of the way for times when it is not required. Wall mounting can cause issues due to lifting the chair whereas other places could become trip hazards or in the way.

The Evac+Chair Secure Steel Cabinet is an ideal solution for this problem. You can store your chair safely out of the way, knowing it is secured by the lock on the door but that you can easily access it if the occasion arises. Problem solved.

The Secure Steel Cabinet has an epoxy painted metal finish, making the cupboard look sleek and professional while ensuring it is easy to keep clean.

The cabinet is secured with a lock, guaranteeing that your chair is safe when it is not in use. Despite being out of sight, you know your chair will still be there when you next need it.

Designed for the Evac+Chair Evacuation Chairs, the cabinet allows the chairs to be folded flat and secured, helping to minimise space disruption in a busy office environment.


1 x  Evac+Chair Secure Steel Cabinet


Height - 103mm

Width - 53mm

Depth - 25mm

Weight - 10kg

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