Laerdal Stifneck Pediatric Select Collar

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  • Easy and versatile
  • Perfect immobilization
  • Frontal opening for windpipe check
  • Easy to wash
  • X-ray transparent


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For paediatric patients there is a specially sized Paediatric Stifneck Select collar with 3 different sizing options. This enables providers to adapt care to any patient. The Stifneck Select Paediatric is also fitted with a pink strap for easy recognition in an EMS bag.

As a single piece, that requires no assembly, the Stifneck Select collar is an easy choice for patients requiring spinal immobilization.

Strong quality and molded directions on the back of the collar mean that providers will always be able to administer proper sizing and application. The locking mechanism ensures symmetrical adjustments, and gives providers the peace of mind the collar is locked safely into place.


1 x Laerdal Stifneck Paediatric Select Collar

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