HeartSine Samaritan 350P/360P/500P Paediatric-Pak Cartridge

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  • Suitable for use on infants and children aged 1 – 8 years old and weighing less than <55lbs/25kg
  • 4 year shelf life
  • Compatible with the Heartsine Samaritan® 500P AED Semi-Automatic Defibrillator and Heartsine Samaritan® Pad 350P Semi-Automatic Defibrillator


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Additional Information

Pads have a 4 year shelf life

Pads are to be used on Children ages 1-8 and weighing < 55lbs/25kg

Provides 60 shocks or six hours of continuous monitoring

When battery power is down to less than 10 shocks, the samaritan PAD status indicator changes from green to red and emits an audible prompt to indicate the Pad-Pak should be replaced.


1x Paediatric Pad-Pak Cartridge


4 year shelf life

60 shocks or 6 hours of battery usage

Weight - 0.2kg (0.44lb)

Battery Type - Disposable single-use combined battery and defibrillation electrode cartridge. Lithium manganese dioxide.

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