International bestselling First Aid Manual now available as an App from iTunes

A new First Aid App iCEaid, that aims to give users the knowledge and confidence to administer first aid in a medical emergency, is now available from iTunes. The iCEaid App has been developed from DK’s international bestselling First Aid Manual which is written and authorised by the three main UK first aid organisations: St Andrew’s First Aid, St John Ambulance, and the British Red Cross.

Providing simple First Aid advice and guidance, iCEaid includes detailed instructions on how to check for conditions as well as advice on how to undertake actions. The interlinked first aid system gives users the flexibility to choose between being guided through a series of questions with advice offered based on their responses, or choose from an A-Z list of conditions and it has been fully integrated for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

The intuitive interface and logical structure enhances the user experience and ease of use. The hospital locator shows the current position of the casualty on a map and the location of the nearest hospital. The Delta Screen gives users immediate access to new advice should the casualty’s situation change for example, if a previously conscious casualty suddenly becomes unconscious. There is also the ability to record the casualty’s level of response, breathing and pulse. As a first aid system iCEaid comprises several elements that can work independently or in combination:

STORE – store and share potted medical histories for you, your family, travelling companions and friends.

LINK – the casualty’s history to the first aid advice for tailored assistance. The system will also automatically compile a handover report for the emergency services.

ASSIST – accredited, step-by-step, emergency first aid advice based on internationally recognised protocols, which are endorsed by the World’s leading experts. There is also automated recording of vital sign measurements that are then automatically added to the handover report.

Dr Andrew Mulford, Lifesapps CEO, explained: “Reducing the time to receive appropriate treatment is the critical factor in emergency medicine. It is always worth having someone who knows what they are doing, to cope with life’s little (and big) emergencies. That is why we are proud to announce the launch of the iCEaid App and our association with DK, whose First Aid Manual content allows us to bring to life real-time practical accredited first aid advice and guidance, anytime and anywhere.”

The iCEaid App is available from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch at

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