Meet Our Trainers

At St Andrew’s First Aid Training and Supplies Ltd we all share a passion for First Aid. This month we are sharing the story of how our Trainer Chris became interested in First Aid.

“I got involved in First Aid at the age of 22 when I started employment with the Inland Revenue when they were looking for more First Aiders. I followed this up by becoming a St. Andrew’s First Aid volunteer and part-time First Aid Trainer in 2004 and then became a full-time Trainer with our Social Enterprise in August 2011.

I guess I was destined to be involved in First Aid when at the tender age of 6 months I died by choking on the food my mother had previously given me when I was in the pram outside the Chemist in Dennistoun. The chemist saved my life by giving me mouth to mouth and nose resuscitation.

I can therefore state quite clearly that First Aid is vitally important and that everyone should become a first aider, so that they can have the skills to save a life, especially if it involves a loved one.”

Christopher Coates
St. Andrew’s First Aid Training & Supplies Ltd

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