Our Work

Delivering First Aid Every Day

St Andrew’s First Aid delivers first aid at more than 2,500 events and community talks each year across Scotland.

As an important part of the nation’s emergency response system, St Andrew’s First Aid works alongside the statutory services to deliver emergency support to communities in times of crisis.

Raising Awareness

St Andrew’s First Aid campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of first aid and works to ensure the general public can access first aid knowledge.

Making Communities Safer and More Resilient

Our volunteers provide first aid talks and demonstrations to community groups in their local area.  Each year, St Andrew’s First Aid volunteers give up more than 50,000 hours of their own time to host community talks and demonstrations and provide first aid at events – equipping thousands of people with lifesaving skills.

We passionately believe that first aid is a vital life-skill that everyone should have so that together we can save lives.