Youth Inspiring Youth – First aid at any age!


Annual Youth Conference

Our Youth Conference is held each year with the theme of ‘Youth Inspiring Youth’ and our members certainly do that! The Conference is an opportunity for our youth members to meet other volunteers, have fun and help inspire other young people.

2019 Youth Conference

Celebrating 30 years of our Thistles groups and 65 years of our Cadets!

Wow! What another fantastic Youth Conference. Our 2019 event was held on Saturday 23 February in Stirling and had more than 100 Thistles, Cadets and Young Adults in attendance.

  • The Conference was opened by Christine Sommerville (Youth Development Chair) and our Trustee Willie Cooper.
  • Laughter session: Sharon Miller Director of Joyworks! started the day with a 15-minute energising session and laughter exercise to get the young people excited and in the right mind-set for the rest of the day.
  • Bodyworks on Tour: FitLab exhibits and activities for our young volunteers to explore and challenge their strength, endurance, speed and coordination.

Our Thistle, Cadets and Young Adult volunteers then split into their different groups for a full day of workshops designed to develop their knowledge and skill across a range of areas. 

WORKSHOPS – Thistles (5-10 years) and younger Cadets (11-13 years)
  • Arts and Crafts: A fun session to get their creativity flowing, the kids designed and decorated their own lanterns to take home.
  • Pet Care: Edinburgh Cat and Dog Home came along to speak with the kids about the best way to look after their pets and keep them healthy and safe.
  • Police: The local Police attended to engage with our youths, show off their police cars! and answer any questions the children had.
  • Casualty Simulation Workshop:  Facilitated by our adult volunteers, this workshop taught Thistles how to create fake wounds, cuts and burns, which they will use when they participate in first aid scenarios as part of their training.
  • Happiness Heroes: Delivered by our Community Training Coordinator, Frances Stewart., this fantastic workshop for the Cadets is a resource by the charity –  I AM ME, and talked about the important topics of bullying, exclusion and equality. The session also featured a video by Epilepsy Scotland, which helped help the kids understand and talk about how bullying and exclusion makes them feel and what they can do if they see this happening.  This will be for our Younger Cadets.
WORKSHOPS – Cadets (14-15 years) and Young Adults (16-24 years)
  • Police: Police spoke with the Cadets about internet safety, whilst they discussed road safety with the young adult groups.  
  • Mental Health: Mental Health Specialist & Trainer, Anne-Marie Newman carried out a workshop discussing mental health for our youths.
  • Autism Awareness: Scottish Autism delivered an interactive workshop on raising awareness of Autism and helped our young people to understand what it would be like to have autism and how this might affect a person’s communication and personal skills.
  • Counter Terrorism: Whilst our Cadets participated in a team challenge, the young adults in our group heard from Chief Inspector Lynn Ratliff, about terrorism, counter terrorism and how to look after yourself and others if something was to happen.

Team Challenge – throughout the day all groups took part in a team challenge, which helped them to develop their first aid skills in a challenging team environment. 

Annual Youth Challenge

The 2019 Youth Challenge will be held on 16 March 2019.

This year we wanted a competition to test young people’s first aid knowledge, communication skills and teamwork and to improve self-esteem, develop valuable life skills, confidence and foster a sense of belonging. We’re delighted to report that we achieved all of the above and had a great time doing so.

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