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First aid at any age – our Badger James!

James aged 6, has been a member of our Dunfermline Badger Youth Section since 2015. Four months after joining the Badgers, James’s stepdad, Arthur, who suffers from epilepsy, hit his head when coming down from the attic. James recognised his stepdad was about to have an epileptic fit and he knew exactly what to do. He asked his brother and sister to move out of the way to make room and told his mum to lie Arthur down on the floor. James then instructed his mum on how to put his stepdad in the recovery position, all whilst reassuring his mum and siblings, helping them to stay calm.

Once Arthur came round, James helped him sit up and got him a drink of water. James’s mum found this episode particularly traumatic and admitted she was panicked by it, but James stayed calm and reassured everyone. As you can imagine, she is really proud of her son, as is everyone from the Dunfermline Badgers. It was the first aid skills that he has learned since joining the Badgers that helped him feel confident enough to know what to do in this type of situation.


Youth Conference 2015

Our Youth Conference took place on the 12 September at the Glasgow Science Centre. The theme of the conference was ‘Youth Inspiring Youth’ and our youth members certainly did that. Youth volunteers attended from all round Scotland and our aim with the conference was to launch the new Learning Guide for Young People and showcase the new youth uniform as well as many new marketing materials.

The conference was also an opportunity for the youth members to meet other volunteers, have fun and help inspire other young people. Our youth were taken on a breathtaking and dynamic 3-dimensional journey through a virtual human body, treated to a live science show full of flashes, flames and explosions, and a journey through space – all while working together on activities as a team.


Youth Challenge 2015

The Youth Challenge took place on Sunday 13 September at St Andrew’s First Aid’s National Headquarters following the Youth Conference the previous day. This year we had 10 teams taking part, four of which were from the Badger category and six teams from the Cadets. The participants from the ten teams were from

  • Monktonhall Colliery Cadets and Badgers
  • Inverclyde Cadets
  • East Kilbride Cadets
  • Motherwell Cadets

We were pleased that most of the participants this year were new to the Youth Challenge. The winners in each of the categories were:

Badgers (5 – 10 years)

1st place Yasmin Webb Alyshia Shepherd
2nd place Annie Miller Jennifer McIntosh
3rd Jacqueline McIntosh Leigha Haywood

Cadets (11 – 15 years)

1st place Anna Kane Victoria McConnachie
2nd place Kerrie McNulty Michaela Whiteside
3rd Ben Stewart Josh McDade

This year we wanted a competition to test young people’s first aid knowledge, communication skills and teamwork and to improve self-esteem, develop valuable life skills, confidence and foster a sense of belonging. We’re delighted to report that we achieved all of the above and had a great time doing so.

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