Become a Youth Member

Our free Youth Section is a great way of offering young people a variety of fun, challenging and exciting activities that help build confidence and learn vital life-saving first aid skills.

Being one of St Andrew’s First Aid’s youth volunteers will show you (or your child) the importance of knowing basic first aid is and it will teach you many of the skills you’ll need to save lives.

Learn more about our age-tailored youth groups on the links below. 

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Have fun, learn first aid, and help others!

  • Learn life-saving skills and techniques.
  • Build confidence.
  • Meet new friendly people locally and nationally.
  • Help your local community.
  • Youth volunteers will be provided with a free uniform.
  • We continue to fundraise on your behalf to ensure our youth uniforms, activities, competitions and conferences remain free.


  • Take part in our First Aid Youth Challenge and attend our Youth Conference.
  • Have the chance to observe at an event
  • Achieve certificates and awards.
  • Develop valuable life skills.