Thistles (ages 5 – 10)

Anyone aged between five and 10 years of age can join one of our Thistle Groups

The Thistles combine first aid learning with fun activities to help young people learn first aid and other useful life skills.

Thistle Activities:

  • Learn first aid
  • Take part in team activities and fun scenarios
  • Arts and crafts
  • Attend the Youth Conference
  • Take part in the Youth Challenge

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Thistle programme

Thistles take part in a fun and educational programme and work towards achieving their Super Thistle Award.

Thistles can choose from fifteen subjects to help them achieve their award and, at the weekly Thistle meetings, they’ll take part in various activities in order to reach their goal.

For example: First Aid Badge can learn how to perform CPR.

A badge and certificate is awarded for each completed badge and once they have earned 12 badges, they will receive the Super Thistle Award.

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