Volunteer Training & Support

As a volunteer with St Andrew’s First Aid you will have access to training and development opportunities and given the chance of attending a wide range of national and local events, where your skills, knowledge and experience may be required to help someone and may even save their life.

We welcome volunteers from all ages, background and level of training. If you have an interest in becoming a volunteer with St Andrew’s First Aid, please get in touch by registering your interest.

Throughout the application process the St Andrews First Aid Volunteer team will chat with you about your expectations and commitments, as well the expectations we have of our volunteers.

What we provide to our Volunteers

  • Extensive first aid training covering a range of issues you might face on duty or at a community talk.
  • Once your application has been approved, you will be assigned to your local Volunteer Company (we have 44+ groups across Scotland)!
  • Regular (either weekly or fortnightly) meetings with your Volunteer Group to continuously practise first aid skills, work through casualty simulations, and discuss specific medical issues.
  • A full uniform . *Issued once a volunteer has demonstrated their commitment to the organisation.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses, as covered within the Volunteer Expense Policy.
  • A pathway for learning and developing skills via additional health and leadership workshops and training.
  • Opportunity to attend volunteer conferences, forums and roadshows.
  • Opportunities to progress and move to different roles and leadership teams within the organisation.

Expectations of our Volunteers

Are you able to meet the level of commitment St Andrew’s First Aid is looking for? This includes an information session (1hr) an interview (30mins), initial first aid training (6 days over one year), regular company meetings (weekly, fortnightly or monthly for 2 hours) and at least 60 hours per year of volunteer hours?

St Andrews First Aid appreciates the valuable time given by volunteers to the organisation, however should these commitments not be met, St Andrew’s First Aid has the right to remove volunteers from their position.

In return for comprehensive first aid training, ongoing support, and uniforms, all volunteers are asked to commit to a minimum of 60 hours of volunteering per year.

If you are interested in becoming an Event First Aider and helping to spread first aid awareness and education within your local community, we would love to hear from you through the Enquiry Form link below.

Register Your Interest