Pack of 6 Blister Cushion Plasters

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  • Pack of 6 Blister Cushion Plasters ideal for preventing blisters from forming or covering a blister to prevent further discomfort and infection
  • Highly comfortable plaster with superior cushioning protection
  • Clear blister plaster making it nearly invisible and discreet
  • Medical grade hypoallergenic adhesive for sensitive skin and child friendly
  • Breathable, waterproof and flexible to fit anywhere on the body.


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Cushion is made of thick water based gel helps to cushion wounds and blisters against rubbing and knocks anywhere on the body.

Cushioning effect allows the user to continue any sports and recreational activity, as the pain is taken away.

Individually wrapped to keep plaster clean.

Once applied the adhesive forms a germ proof seal.



1 x Blister Plasters Box of 6


6.8cm x 4.3cm

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