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Refill for Relisport & Pursuit Pro Olympic Kit

Instantly refresh Olympic kit contents

Supplied packed in recyclable carton Provides essential back-up supplies.

1 Adherent Dressing 5cm x 7.5cm
1 Adherent Dressing 7.5cm x 7.5cm
10 Cleansing Wipes
2 Clinical Waste Sacks 42cm x 66cm
1 Crepe Bandage BP 5cm x 4.5m
1 Crepe Bandage BP 7.5cm x 4.5m
1 Elastic Adhesive Bandage 5cm x 4.5m
1 Elastic Adhesive Bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m
1 Eye Pad Dressing with Bandage
6 Eye Wash Pods 20ml
1 Fabric Dressing Strip 7.5cm x 1m
2 Foil Blankets, Adult
1 Freeze Spray 150ml
2 Gloves (Pair)
1 Guidance Leaflet
1 Heat Spray 150ml
1 HSE Large Dressing 18cm x 18cm
1 HSE Medium Dressing 12cm x 12cm
6 Hydrocolloid Blister Plasters
6 Instant Ice Packs
1 Microporous Tape 2.5cm x 10m
3 Nasal Strips
1 Non-adherent Dressing 10cm x 10cm
1 Non-adherent Dressing 5cm x 5cm
10 Non Woven Swabs 5cm x 5cm
20 Plasters, Washproof Assorted
1 Resuscitation Face Shield
1 Sports Drink Bottle
10 Tissues Handy Pack
1 Triangular Bandage
1 Tubular Bandage Size D 1m
1 Tubular Bandage Size F 1m
1 Universal Shears
1 Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
3 Vomit Bags
1 Wound Closure Strip 3mm x 75mm (5)
1 Wound Closure Strip 6mm x 75mm (3)
1 Zinc Oxide Tape 2.5cm x 5m

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