St Andrews Burns First Aid Kit in Red Aura Box


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When someone is burnt, every second counts!
Our Burns First Aid Kit provides fast, effective treatment for burns, scalds and sunburn in the workplace or high risk areas.

Not only does our Emergency Burns Kit stand out with its highly visible Red Aura Box, made from durable polypropylene, it’s orange safety clips and integrated handle this kit make it safe and accessible.
This kit contains specialist products to reduce the pain and trauma of burns and scalds and is fully compliant with the guidelines given by the Health & Safety Executive.

1 x Reliburn Dressing 20cm x 20cm
2 x Reliburn Dressing 10cm x 10cm
8 x Reliburn Blot Sachet 3.5g
1 x Reliburn Dressing 5cm x 15cm
1 x Reliburn Gel Bottle 125ml
1 x Reliform Conforming Bandage 10cm x 4m
1 x Reliform Conforming Bandage 7.5cm x 4m
1 x Large Universal Shears
1 x Gloves (pair)

Size : 18.5cmH x 18cmW x 5.5cmD

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