1 Application Body Fluid Clean-Up Kit


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Product Description

This one application clean up kit is ideal for dealing with an individual body fluid incident.

This kit contains a pair of gloves and a polythene apron to protect yourself in any incident,

A 10g Absorbent Body Fluid Powder that can absorb about a litre of fluid and convert it into a more managable gel,

A scraper/scoop for containing the contaminated gel,

8ml Disinfectant spray and a disinfectant wipe for the clean up

A Yellow BioHazard Bag to place all the gel, scoop, scraper, gloves, apron and cloths into after use.


1 Disinfectant Spray (8ml)

1 Absorbent Granules (10g)

1 Disposable Gloves (pair)

1 Polythene Apron

1 Scoop/Scraper

2 Dry Wipes

1 Biohazard Bag

1 Disinfectant Wipe

1 Pack Tissues (10)

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