CoolTherm Gel Bottle 60ml

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In cases of minor burns such as mild sunburn, a dressing may not always be necessary, the CoolTherm Spray Gel is the perfect solution.
The CoolTherm approach to burn treatment, is the unique action of the active gel ingredient, combined with the ground breaking technology of the non-woven carrier dressing.
In some cases, a mild to moderate burn may be awkward to dress; with the advantage of a ‘non-touch’ application, applying the gel to the affected area will soothe discomfort and relieve pain, while still preventing the progress of the burn on unbroken skin.
Manufactured in a Pharmaceutical Factory to meticulous standards, the gel is sterile and has a 5 years shelf life.
A quality product benchmarked to the accepted industry standard and with over 20 years safe use, this easy to carry 60ml bottle is perfect for on the go.



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