Scottish First Aid Awards 2017 – Where are they now?

Small Organisation of the Year – Hunters of Kinross

Hunter’s butchers love having their shop in the beautiful town of Kinross and are proud to be part of the community, supporting local businesses and charities.

They are fully committed to their charitable support and over the past two years have independently made huge steps in helping ensure the small town of Kinross, its other businesses and residents has access to lifesaving devices and CPR training.

At Hogmanay 2016-2017, the business lost a very good customer and friend, David Doig to a cardiac arrest recently and they wanted to help make sure that Kinross had access 24 hours a day to an AED.

Their business decided to begin a project to put an AED outside their shop called the David Doig Defibrillator in his honour.

Ian, Pamela and their team decided to offer CPR and defibrillator training in the community after discovering that many people in the town said they would be afraid to use a defibrillator.
With support from Linlithgow Community First Responders they set up Kinross Heart Start and began evening training sessions in the town for the local shop owners and their staff. To help the project move forward initially, two Community First Responders were recruited. The helped with the community training and were also sent to cardiac arrest emergencies in the local area by the Scottish Ambulance Service.

A defibrillator is available outside of their premises, available 24 hours/day with more defibrillators planned. Together they are working with other services to help make Kinross a more resilient community to can help each other when the worst may happen.

Earlier this month we decided to catch up with Pamela Hunter herself and see what they had been up to since November.

Since winning Small Organisation of the Year, Hunters of Kinross has launched the “Butchers at the Heart of the Community” initiative, supported by Scottish Craft Butchers, the Scotch Butchers Club and Save a Life Scotland.

Hunters of Kinross are now part of a national campaign calling all local butchers to give back to their communities by hosting a defibrillator on site and/or demonstrating first aid skills.

The main aim of the initiative is to help and encourage people living in communities throughout Scotland to be ready and confident in delivering CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) for someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest.

They even have Carol Smillie on board!

Can you think of a Small Organisation with a big heart like Hunters of Kinross who could follow in their footsteps as our Small Organisation of the Year? Nominate them now at or nominate your organisation yourself to shout about your efforts in the first aid community.

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