Antony Costa urges parents to learn First Aid

The Big Reunion star and Blue singer Antony Costa recently described to the Mirror newspaper the major scare he went through and his bid to encourage parents to learn basic first aid.

Antony and his fiancée Rosanna were visiting a wedding venue in Cambridgeshire when their baby Savannah started shaking and going stiff in her mother’s arms, her lips then turning blue.

The couple had no idea of what was going on and really thought they were going to lose their daughter. Antony Costa rushed to get someone to call an ambulance while Rosanna put her coat on the floor and laid Savannah on her side, tilting her head. This was a safe position for the baby as there might have been the risk for her to choke, but the terrified mother did not know what to do next.

She remembered a film she had seen recently, at the Tesco mum of the year awards, where a mother was resuscitating her baby.

Rosanna was going to try mouth-to-mouth resuscitation when a woman, who turned out to be a doctor, rushed to the couple asking them not to do so as their daughter was still breathing.

After the event it might seem obvious, but when a couple like Antony and Rosanna are helplessly seeing their baby in danger, it is very different.

The ambulance arrived and Savannah was taken straight to hospital. The doctors found that Savannah had a virus which made her temperature shoot up and caused her to have a seizure called “febrile convulsion”. Children can suffer from them up to the age of five.

Antony Costa comments: “We were lucky. We knew a little, but if the doctor hadn’t been there I don’t know what we would have done. We are definitely going to go on a baby first aid course now. We don’t ever want to be in that position again.”

When you have a baby, you might learn how to change a nappy, prepare a baby bottle, etc, but not what to do in emergency situations like this.

Antony urges parents to learn first aid as his experience made him realise that every parent should know what to do in an emergency.

“If there’s one good thing that comes of this it’s that, by sharing our story, we can encourage other parents to be aware of what they need to do if it ever happens to their child. It is the worst thing as a parent to think you are going to lose your baby and being so helpless.”

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