Scottish First Aid Awards 2017 – Where are they now?

Ryan McCormick

In 2017 Ryan McCormick from Glasgow took home the Young First Aid Hero of the year award.

The Young First Aid Hero of the Year award is awarded to a young person (under the age of 18) who has saved a life/helped save a life through delivery of first aid or has made an extraordinary first aid achievement.

Ryan witnessed an incident at school when a pupil was choked and then thrown to the ground, punched in the head several times and then kicked in the head several times. Ryan and several other pupils restrained the person punching and kicking and removed him from the immediate incident. Ryan then asked the nearest classroom teacher to inform the Head of Department. He then checked the casualty’s response and found him to be lying face up and unconscious.

He then checked the casualty’s airway by opening the mouth and looking for any obstruction. The airway was found to be clear and he then confirmed the casualty was breathing by performing First Aid drills as taught, ear to mouth & observing chest. Once breathing was confirmed he then placed the casualty into the recovery position and monitored until the ambulance arrived. Ryan monitored the casualty throughout, whilst several School Teachers supported his actions.

Since the incident occurred his school has implemented First Aid training for responsible pupils. We recently caught up with Ryan and discovered he had used his first aid skills to help another casualty since winning the award:

“Since the awards, a friend and I had to use first aid on a casualty in the city centre, where he had fell and had a head injury, we treated him with applying pressure, and for shock. Whilst I dialled 999, my friend (another cadet) took control of the scene and reassured the patient, we then handed over to paramedics when they arrived on scene. This was during a cadet event in the city centre, so we were also in our uniform/kit, whilst passers-by commended us.

“The award has opened many doors for me, just from being able to put it on my CV, to people recognising me and congratulating me, also being nominated to teach first aid to new cadets in my unit. The school now looks to me as a first aider and takes my assistance on some situations.”

We wish Ryan all the best in his bright future and commend him for his heroic actions, not once but twice.

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