Corporate Support

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Research has shown that consumers show greater engagement with a company if they are involved with a charity that touches a subject that they care about.

St Andrew’s First Aid has been changing lives across Scotland since 1882 and, with over 1,800 volunteers, we can provide a high level of support and resources to ensure that our partnerships are as successful as possible. We believe in Corporate Support, lets help each other achieve our goals.


What St Andrew’s First Aid can do for you:

  • Bring your brand into people’s lives in a fresh way through tactical sponsorship
  • Increase sales with cause-related marketing
  • Strengthen your product by licensing our name and logo
  • Drive data capture through joint promotions
  • Exploit an existing partnership by creating competitions, interactive activities and spin-off events
  • Deepen the impact of your exposure through integrated PR support programmes
  • St Andrew’s First Aid is synonymous with care and trust within the Scottish community. We do not receive any core government funding, which makes the support of your organisation vital to the workings of our charity


Your organisation can help St Andrew’s First Aid with:

  • Charity of the Year
  • Employee Volunteering
  • Employee Fundraising
  • Sponsorship Campaign & Events
  • Payroll Giving


For more information about how your company can help St Andrew’s First Aid, please call our Fundraising Team on 0141 332 4031 or email