Scottish First Aid Awards 2017 – Where are they now?

Douglas Graham

In 2017 Douglas Graham from Largs took home the First Aid Hero of the Year award. The First Aid Hero of the Year award is awarded to a person who has saved a life/helped save a life through delivery of first aid or has made an extraordinary first aid achievement.

“My aunt, Jean Aitken, who is in her late eighties was walking through Largs to a doctor’s appointment. She uses ‘rollator wheels’ to help her along. Witnesses describe what happened next as ‘she flew through the air like Supergran’. My aunt landed on the pavement with catastrophic injuries and with a lot of blood from head and facial wounds.

“Douglas saw all this as he was walking some way behind. The closest bystander was reluctant to get involved while Douglas immediately stepped in and took control. Other people rushed out of shops but appeared shocked and hesitant.

“Douglas then checked for any life threatening head injuries and was also heartened by the fact that Jean was conscious and able to communicate. She was panicked by the amount of blood and the potential severity of her injuries. Douglas was able to calm her and reassure her that she was going to be okay. He then orchestrated help from the people round about … to call an ambulance, fetch a First Aid kit from one of the shops, phone the doctor’s.

“During a period of 50 minutes waiting for the ambulance, Douglas remained in a fixed kneeling position providing physical support for Jean to lean against him. Douglas was able to stem the blood flow from the facial wounds using dressings from the kit. All the time he was reassuring and encouraging her. Aunt Jean spent eight weeks in hospital recovering from a broken nose and facial gashes, a broken shoulder and a cracked kneecap.

“Thank goodness Douglas was there. He was absolutely the right person at the right time. His quick thinking, calmness and positive attitude undoubtedly made the difference … heroic!” Janice Thomson.”

We recently caught up with both Janice and Douglas and discovered that the two remain firm friends and Douglas recently attended Jean’s 90th birthday earlier this year. Jean herself has made considerable progress in her recovery and is extremely grateful to Douglas for his actions last year.

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