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In a crisis it's vital that First Aid is delivered with confidence. We provide Scotland with the highest standards in First Aid skills, services, and volunteering opportunities. Together we save lives.

First aid saves lives

First aid saves lives

Posted on: Wednesday 21st January 2015

Robert MacDonald’s first aid knowledge and quick thinking proved to be a life saver when his mum collapsed at a funeral in November of last year. 28 year old Robert took control of the situation and assessed his mother’s condition when she suddenly collapsed after the funeral of her father. Robert’s mother, Eve Bradley, had taken unwell before her father’s funeral but she was determined to attend the service before going to hospital. “She wanted to go to the funeral before going to hospital and we couldn’t change her mind. After the funeral she wanted to say a quick hello at the reception and it was here things took a turn for the worst. She went outside and when she came back in, she collapsed. She regained consciousness after about 3 minutes and wanted to go somewhere quiet, so two people escorted her to the back of the hall whilst I dialled 999,” says Robert. However his mother’s condition soon deteriorated as she began having seizures and then went into respiratory arrest. “I started CPR and kept it going for a good 5 minutes before the ambulance crew arrived,” says Robert. Robert has completed several years of biomedical science study as well as multiple professional development courses in clinical science through Open University. His medical knowledge and first aid training were invaluable in the treatment of Eve. “I cannot stress enough the importance of having knowledge of basic first aid to deal with emergencies. It really does save lives!” Thankfully Eve went on to make a full recovery and has praised the actions of her son. In the future, Robert hopes to become a doctor but for now he is just glad that he could help his mum when she needed it most. If you would like to find out more about how to learn first aid, then please have a look at our website for information about how to enrol on one of our many courses. Because together we can save lives.

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Learn a new skill in the new year

Learn a new skill in the new year

Posted on: Tuesday 6th January 2015

As you can imagine, here at St Andrews First Aid, we actively encourage every one of all ages and abilities to learn first aid. Having the skills to help someone when they need it most is vitally important so we are always pleased when individuals or groups decide to learn first aid especially if they don’t have any statutory obligations. In November of last year a group of ramblers enrolled in a first aid course with St Andrew’s First Aid. The Resourceful Ramblers are a group of blind and partially sighted people who go out rambling once a month in central Scotland. The group, along with their sighted guides, go out on 5- 8 mile walks and cover various terrains including hills. Chairman of the group, Douglas Gilroy, explains why they enrolled on the course and why they chose to learn with St Andrew’s First Aid: “We take our duties and responsibilities, including health & safety, very seriously. Thus we also believe that all members should be empowered to assist other members of the public in an emergency. The level and standard of the training offered by St Andrew’s First Aid met all our requirements,” says Douglas. The group were taught by St Andrew’s First Aid trainer Sylvia Cockburn who has worked for St Andrew’s First Aid for over 20 years. Sylvia adapted the course to take into account that not everyone could see what was being demonstrated and made sure everything was fully explained verbally. This wasn’t the groups first training session with St Andrew’s First Aid; the group took a first aid course with the organisation three years previously so they knew they would receive the highest standards in first aid training. Linda Wilson from the Resourceful Ramblers says: “I’d like to say a big thank you to Sylvia as it's not easy teaching an older class of blind, visually impaired and sighted people all together in the one room on any kind of subject, never mind something as important and "hands on" as first aid. Nevertheless, Sylvia did an absolutely sterling job, keeping everyone interested and keen to learn more for the full duration of the day - no mean feat! Coupled with her great sense of humour and fun, she absolutely made the day for all concerned and is a real credit to St Andrew’s First Aid. I wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend your organisation to other groups with disabilities and hope to rebook a further course in the Spring for new members.” The Resourceful Ramblers was formed 30 years ago and Douglas Gilroy has been the chairman for approximately 10 years. Douglas is 61 years old and was registered blind in 1988 when he lost his sight. He takes an active interest in voluntary work and is the current president of the National Federation of the Blind of the UK (NFBUK). Douglas and the Resourceful Ramblers appreciate the value of first aid and would encourage everyone to learn these potentially lifesaving skills. “It’s better to have the knowledge, training and ability to attempt to save someone’s life, rather than stand helplessly on the sidelines. If the roles were reversed, I would rather someone attempted to offer me first aid and not simply let me die. There is a lot of self satisfaction in knowing that you do not need to stand aside helplessly but might have the knowledge and ability to help save a life,” says Douglas. First aid is easy to learn, you don’t need to have any particular skills or medical knowledge. In just a few short hours you could learn the skills which might just save someone’s life in the future. If you’d like to follow in the Resourceful Ramblers footsteps and learn first aid then visit our website to find out how to book on to one of our many courses We also have a wide range of first aid products for sale on our supplies website

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