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A life changing first kiss

A life changing first kiss

Posted on: Friday 11th July 2014

Most people will have an unusual first date story, however Zach and Chloe’s story will possibly beat them all. Zach Selby, 19, and Chloe Tones, 16, planned a camping trip for their first date. Their first kiss, however ended up being the kiss of life after Zach collapsed suddenly at the campsite in Woolsthorpe-by-Colesterworth, Lincs. Zach had a heart attack and subsequently collapsed.   Alone and on a deserted beach Chloe raised the alarm by calling the emergency services. The ambulance staff supported Chloe over the phone whilst she performed CPR for 40 minutes. With the ambulance nowhere to be seen, the control room operator told Chloe to send a bystander to a nearby public access defibrillator. Following the instructions given by the machine, she placed the pads on Zach’s chest, continuing CPR when instructed. Paramedics finally arrived and raced Zach to Grantham Hospital over 40 miles away from the campsite. He was discharged 48 hours later and is now back at home recovering in Grantham, Lincs. Yesterday, the smitten couple said their blossoming relationship is now stronger than ever and they have a special bond as a result of their ordeal. Zach said: “If it wasn’t for my girlfriend, I wouldn’t be here right now and would never have seen my family again” Jim Dorman Operations Director for St Andrew’s First Aid commented “This is a great example of how members of the public can help save a life by learning first aid skills. St Andrew’s First Aid has a number of First Aid courses available at their website

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