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Have you crossed it off your list?

Have you crossed it off your list?

Posted on: Thursday 11th December 2014

Christmas is coming and we’re all busy writing countless lists and just like Santa, we’ll be checking them twice.  But as we cross items off our list and prepare for the big day itself; perhaps it’s time to start thinking about some of the things that never seem to get crossed off life’s list. Learning first aid is often something many people take for granted; they put it on their to- do list but somehow it never seems to get crossed off.  Sadly 95% of people lack the training required to administer first aid.  It really is a shocking statistic because first aid isn’t hard to learn – anyone can do it.  And first aid doesn’t always mean dealing with major incidents such as heart attacks; it’s also about knowing what to do if someone has a bad nose bleed or burns themselves whilst cooking dinner.  Having even basic first aid knowledge can help prevent unnecessary trips to the doctor or Accident and Emergency departments.  Accidents can happen anywhere and at anytime and good quality first aid delivered confidently can make the difference between life and death.  At St Andrew’s First Aid we believe no one should die because they needed first aid and didn’t get it.  We offer a wide range of first aid courses which run throughout the year.   Our experienced and friendly trainers ensure that our courses are not only educational but are also fun and interactive too.  Last year, over 20,000 students qualified with us at our training centres across Scotland as well as through courses provided at customer premises.  A businesses most important asset is their staff so investing in quality first aid provision also means you are investing in your staff’s health and safety.  St Andrew’s First Aid not only provides a wide range of first aid and workplace courses; we also have a comprehensive range of first aid supplies available to buy from our online store.  Our prices are very competitive and we only stock the best quality products. So as you cross items off your Christmas list this year, please think about writing a new list next year with first aid right at the top, ready and waiting to be crossed off.  Because together we can save lives.

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