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Are You Ready for Winter?

Are You Ready for Winter?

Posted on: Tuesday 21st October 2014

With the nights drawing in and the remnants of hurricane Gonzolo set to batter Britain’s shores over the next few days; it is vital that communities know how to help themselves in the event of an emergency, especially one caused by severe weather. Often when bad weather hits emergency services can be hampered by blocked roads or high demand for their services. The Scottish Government’s Ready for Winter? campaign aims to encourage individuals, families, businesses and communities across Scotland to think ahead and be prepared for emergencies. Part of the government’s initiative is to involve the voluntary sector, to encourage and show people how they can get involved in community emergency planning and volunteering in an emergency response organisation. As part of an ongoing project, St Andrew’s First Aid is promoting First Aid awareness and training for community volunteers across Scotland. The courses help to highlight the importance of local people becoming involved in community based training which not only gives the individual a wider range of skills set but also can be used to empower communities to look after themselves in the event of an emergency. Resilience Advisor for St Andrew’s First Aid, Jeannie Barr, says: “The campaign is about equipping communities with the skills and tools to look after themselves during events such as severe weather. If we can encourage local people to either join a volunteer group such as St Andrew’s First Aid or to take up any emergency based training which is on offer then we can help empower communities across Scotland to become more resilient.” A video about the training St Andrew’s offered volunteers in Falkirk is now available to watch on the Ready Scotland website here During Scottish First Aid week (24th-30th November) St Andrew’s First Aid aims to launch a series of public demonstrations across Scotland to promote the benefits of volunteering and to inspire people to learn even basic First Aid skills. St Andrew’s First Aid believes that no one should die because they needed First Aid and didn’t get it. By collaborating with the Ready Scotland campaign, the organisation hopes to raise awareness of the importance of communities being resilient and highlight the benefits of volunteering. In a crisis it's vital that First Aid is delivered with confidence and the Ready Scotland campaign aims to get people to think about what they can do to help others when emergencies strike. If you would like to find out more about the First Aid courses St Andrew’s First Aid offers or to how to volunteer with the organisation; then have a look at our website

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