Schools Programme

Our schools programme teaches essential first aid skills to children and young people. Students benefit from not just first aid training but we also tackle other local issues like knife crime; how to deal with cuts and bleeding associated with this and how to avoid becoming part of this culture.

The course is similar to any in-depth first aid training but is tailored to the needs and learning style of the young people involved. There are theory and practical elements to the training, which helps the pupils practice dealing with first aid incidents.

This allows them to demonstrate a range of skills they have developed during the training including how and when to use; the recovery position, CPR, wound dressings, treating burns and scalds and managing bleeding from cuts and wounds.

Children and young people living in Scotland, can often be living in areas of multiple deprivation. At community level this often means that outside their front door they face gang culture, anti-social behaviour and petty crime among teenagers and young adults. Sadly this is influenced and fuelled by more serious drug gangs where serious crime and brazen attitudes towards violence is glorified and emulated by local youths.

We meet children who are resilient and hungry in their desire for a better life. For the children with less resilience we have an opportunity to reach them at a pinnacle point in their life where an external, positive influence may just be enough to help them make positive choices.

The project successfully addresses and transcends many issues children and young people are currently facing. We also believe it is important to make a lasting difference to the lives of the children we meet.

St Andrews First Aid is Scotland’s leading first aid charity, we believe that no one should suffer or die because they needed first aid and didn’t get it. We aim to save lives in Scotland by providing the best first aid skills to you and your loved ones should you need it.

How you can help

As a charity we continuously rely on the support from people like you that allows us to continue the lifesaving work that we provide on a daily basis.

There are many ways you can help children in our schools: by making a personal donation, holding a fundraising event, getting sponsored to take on a challenge, or simply by sharing our story.

For further information you can contact the fundraising team on 0141 332 4031 or email