Anaphylaxis Advice

How to recognise and help with Anaphylaxis


  • Tingling of the lips or unusual taste in mouth
  • Agitation, tightening of the throat and chest
  • Hives, red blister type rash on the skin, itchy
  • Swelling of face, puffiness of eyes (watering of eyes and nose, sneezing)
  • Mild wheezing/breathing difficulties
  • Scalp, palms, and soles of feet can become itchy (possibly intensive)
  • Puffiness of lips/limbs


Your aims

  • To ease breathing
  • Treat shock
  • To minimise the risk of shock
  • To comfort and reassure the person



If a pregnant person needs to lie down, lean towards the left side to prevent the baby restricting blood flow back to the heart. If the person loses consciousness, open the airway and check breathing.

Click here to download the anaphylaxis card