Fast Response First Aid Kit in Lyon Bag


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Product Description

Designed for major incidents and emergencies – the bag opens like a shell to expose the myriad of loops and straps that hold each individual item in place.

It allows for clear identification and access to a wide range of components, ideal for emergency use.


40 x Assorted Washproof Plasters
4 x Triangular Bandage
12 x Safety Pins
4 x Eye Pad Dressing
2 x No.1 Ambulance Dressing
2 x No.2 Ambulance Dressing
2 x No.3 Ambulance Dressing
2 x No.4 Ambulance Dressing
1 x Pen Torch
1 x 500ml Eyewash
2 x Survival Blanket
2 x Rebreath Resuscitation with Valve
1 x Large Universal Shears
1 x First Aid Scissors
2 x Maxiflex Dressing
1 x Guidance Leaflet
10 x Reliwipes

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