BSi Medium Motokit in Aura Box


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Product Description

In Medium Compact Aura

For car, taxi, van, and truck.
Maximum 8 passengers.
Available in a box with bracket or soft bag.

Medium First Aid Kit suitable for up to 8 passengers.

The size of the first aid kits required for motor vehicles is determined by the size of the vehicle, category of hazard, and passenger numbers.

The Medium Motokit, in Aura box is eye catching and robust.

Ideal for minibus, bus and coaches with a maximum 16 passengers.


1x Adherent Dressing
2x Burn Dressings
10x Cleansing Wipes
1x Foil Blanket (Adult)
2x Gloves (Pair)
1x Guidance Leaflet
1x HSE Dressing, Medium
1x Resuscitation Device
1x Trauma Dressing, Medium
1x Triangular Bandage
1x Universal Shears
10x Washproof Plaste

Size : 20.5cmH x 20cmW x 6.5cmD

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