AED Outdoor Heated Cabinet Alarmed


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Product Description

The Rotaid Plus Heat is an innovative AED wall cabinet that ensures a recognizable and sustainable storage of your AED device. The characteristic round shape and green colour, make it easy to be found and recognized and comes with a high quality appearance. The large AED logo, positioned in the transparent centre of the cover, leaves no room for interpretation. This is a life saving device.

The cabinet can be opened by an intuitive twist that removes the whole cover. The responder therefore has full access to the AED that hangs via a bracket for a quick and easy grab.

The cover is attached to the back plate via a belt and needs no further attention from the responder. A stainless steel hook, attached to the bottom of the cabinet, can hold a seal, tag or other appliance.

The cover, equipped with recesses for an optimal grip and directive arrows, is made from 100% Polycarbonate. With a thickness of 5 millimetres it offers a solid protection and ensures a high grade
of water- and dust resistance. Furthermore, the cover is fitted with UV filters, to protect from direct and indirect sunrays. Appearance decay, rust and accumulation of residue are excluded.

A tailor made heating device maintains an inside temperature of at least 5 Degrees Centigrade even when temperatures drop to -25 Degrees Centigrade. The automatic and gradual operation makes it particularly effective and efficient. The element should only be equipped with a power plug and needs no external power supply. The materials are tested in the outdoors and provide a long lasting protection of the AED.

Dimensions Length 47 cm Width 47 cm Depth 18 cm Weight 1,7 kg
Length 18,5“ Width 18,5” Depth 7,1” Weight 3,75 lbs


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