LifePak Battery Charge-Pak with Two Sets of Pads


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Product Description

Key Features

  • Battery life up to 2 years
  • Electrode pad life up to 2 years
  • Easy to install battery
  • Pads can be pre-connected to the device

Replacing both your battery and pads at the same time makes maintaining your life-saving device straight forward.

The CHARGE-PAK battery charger delivers a trickle charge to the internal battery.

The CHARGE-PAK battery charger is a replaceable, nonrechargeable battery cell that charges your defibrillator’s internal battery.

The internal battery provides the power for your defibrillator.

To prevent damage to the internal battery, always keep the battery charger in place, including during storage or shipping.

The QUIK-PAK electrode packet contains the pads that transfer the defibrillation energy to the victim.

The packet should remain connected to the defibrillator and unopened until required for an SCA emergency. QUIK-PAK electrode pads are not reusable.

The electrode packet Use By date is programmed into the battery charger. When the date is reached, the CHARGE-PAK symbol appears in the readiness display, indicating both the battery charger and electrode packet need to be replaced.


  • Includes 2 sets of electrodes and 1 battery charger
  • replacement instructions
  • discharger for safe disposal of used CHARGE-PAK charger

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