TraumaFix Sterile Military Dressing 10cm x 18cm


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Product Description

TraumaFix® is a new patent protected dressing. It offers a substantial, highly absorbent dressing pad, capable of absorbing over ten times its own weight in fluid. A pressure bandage allows direct pressure to be applied quickly and maintained easily, this is secured instantly with a Velcro style fastening. The stretch fabric is flexible, breathable, and conforms well to the body. Once applied, the dressing remains securely in place yet easy to remove when ready.

Designed for weeping or surgical wounds, cuts and lacerations, each dressing is sterile and individually wrapped.
Multiple major bleed injuries can be stemmed quickly, allowing the casualty to be moved easily. The dressing is a significant advance in the treatment of trauma injuries.


-Fabric waterproof packaging
-Highly absorbent dressing pad
-Pressure bandage
-Quick-fix fastening
-Green camouflage packaging, with skin camouflage bandage.


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