SPENCER Blue Splint Kit

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Product Description

The SPENCER Blue splint is identical the Blue splint pro, with the only exception being that its uses Velcro® straps. The set has five different shapes splints that are extremely lightweight and suitable for both adult and children –  Rigid splints with flexible internal structure can be used for adults and children of any size. The versatility and the compactness that characterize these splints make them useful for the rescuer even in the most strange and adverse of situations. The arm and forearm splints can also used as an armrest during intravenous infusions. Perfect for ambulances, medical cars, mountain rescue, sport medicine, water rescue, orthopedic centers, first aid and any kinds of emergency departments. The lightweight of the complete kit and the reduced dimensions makes it the least cumbersome and compact system on the market.


Kit Includes:

  • 1 to immobilize wrist fractures (302 x 255 mm) [11.88 x 10.03 in]
  • 1 for adult forearm or child leg immobilization (387 x 300 mm) [15.23 x 11.81 in]
  • 1 for ankle, elbow immobilization or as an armrest during vein infusions (540 x 305 mm) [21.25 x 12.01 in]
  • 1 for immobilization of adult upper limbs or child lower limbs (582 x 290 mm) [22.91 x 11.41 in]
  • 1 to immobilize the adult lower limbs (578 x 420 mm) [22.75 x 16.53 in]


Additional Information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 31 × 64 × 10 cm