BSi Small MotoKit in Aura Box

BSi Small MotoKit in Aura Box

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The NEW British Standard for vehicle first aid kits was launched by BSi on February 1st 2014. 
Using the latest data, including accident and research statistics used in F1 racing car design, Industrial and Medical Professionals have produced a new standard to meet the medical needs of road traffic victims during the critical period prior to the arrival of the Emergency Services. Components have been specifically selected for ease of use, and for coping with (without any special training) both minor and major road traffic accident injuries.

To account for various types of vehicle and passenger carrying capability. Whether a Motorcycle, Bus, Van, or Double Decker Bus, there is a suitable kit. The size and the quantity of kits for any vehicle, is determined by the vehicle type and passenger numbers.

Small MotoKit in Aura Box

For moped, motorcycle, motor tricycle,
and quadricycle.
Maximum 3 passengers.
Compact box with integrated bracket.
1 Burn Dressing
5 Cleansing Wipes
1 Gloves (pair)
1 Guidance Leaflet
1 Resuscitation Device
1 Trauma Dressing – Medium
1 Universal Shears
10 Washproof Plasters

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