CR Plus and Outdoor Safe

LifePak CR Plus Fully Automatic AED + Outdoor Stainless Steel Cabinet, Keypad Lock with Heating & LED Light


Product Description

Delivery time 5- 8 weeks

LifePak CR Plus Fully Automatic Starter Kit

The LifePak  CR Plus automated external defibrillator (AED) is trusted by emergency medical professionals, yet simple to use.

LifePak CR Plus AED’s are designed with a simple two-step process that gives the first responder to a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victim the confidence they need in order to help save a life.

LifePak CR PLUS Features:

  • Voice and picture instructions for both AED and CPR
  • Clear and calm guidance through entire rescue procedure – assessing the patient, opening the airway and applying the defibrillator pads
  • Detects heart rhythm and determines if patient requires a shock, upon analysis if the patient requires a shock the unit delivers the shock on its own without responder interaction required, yet gives the user a commentary to ensure emergency responder remains informed
  • No buttons as such to be pressed by operator
  • QUIK-PAK™ electrodes are pre-connected, easy to open and apply, saving valuable time in an emergency situation
  • Requires little maintenance and is quick and easy to recharge
  • Suitable for use on infants and children

The LifePak CR Plus also has weekly and monthly self-tests— plus a visible readiness display with four indicators that let you know it’s ready to do its job.

Outdoor Stainless Steel Cabinet

The Outdoor Stainless Steel Cabinet, Keypad Lock (with Heating & LED light) protects AED’s from highly corrosive environments such as coastal locations. It is manufactured in the UK by CE-TEK and is IP66 rated against dust and water, protected against corrosion with an outdoor yellow powder coat paint.

Locked cabinet includes a marine grade stainless steel keypad lock that has been salt spray tested for 10k hours to ensure the lock will always remain functional, internal permanently illuminated LED light to indicate power to the cabinet & to ensure defib is always visible and thermostatically controlled heater to ensure Defib is kept within it’s working temperature at all times.

All electrics for this cabinet are contained in new “plug and play” unit. This cabinet also comes with a breather drain to prevent condensation, an internal hanger to accommodate any defibrillator (without carry case) and a viewing window to easily check status of Defib and also it’s presence in the cabinet.

All fixings and comprehensive installation instructions are supplied.

  • Warranty: 2 Year Warranty.
  • Size : Width : 440mm Height 625mm Depth 285mm
  • Weight: 10kg

Unique location code on each cabinet

It is strongly recommended to inform and involve your local Ambulance Service when placing a public access defibrillator. The unique location number of the cabinet can be shared with them so that they can add it on to their systems. In this way, in an emergency they can direct people to their nearest location and offer extra guidance during a 999 call.

Highly visible with clear step-by-step instructions

The cabinet is high visibility yellow as standard. Instructions on the front of the cabinet have been written with guidance from the NHS Ambulance service to give step-by-step guidance and inform passers by what to do in an emergency. Additional defibrillator signs give increased awareness.


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