CoolTherm Dual Purpose Face Mask Dressing 30cm x 40cm

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Product Description

The CoolTherm Facemask/Large Dressing dual-purpose design offers additional flexibility; particularly valuable in the space limited environment of an emergency ambulance.
The eye/nose/mouth apertures are perforated and can be easily removed, allowing quick preparation of the dressing for use on a face.  Alternatively, leaving the perforated areas in place renders the dressing suitable for covering larger areas such as a limb or the torso.
– Conformable to enable treatment of the entire burn.
– Non-woven, gel based carrier dressing.
– Benchmarked to the accepted industry standard, with over 20 years safe use.
– 5 years shelf life.
– Manufactured in a Pharmaceutical Factory to meticulous standards.
– Sterile.
– Adult 9%, Child 18%

30cm x 40cm (12″ x 16″)

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