Young people learning the basics of First Aid

Living in Glasgow, part of the Glasgow City Council website, highlight that being trained in first aid carries with it a great deal of responsibility and numerous benefits. In dangerous situations first aid training can make the difference between life and death, so the benefits that young people gain from attending the St Andrew’s First Aid Course are obvious.

The comprehensive 6 hour course ensures that the young people are trained as capable first aiders, covering elements such as the recovery position, CPR, and compression bandaging techniques. The practical parts of the session proved extremely successful with the Soccer Success youngsters gaining vital knowledge and hands-on experience in dealing with various scenarios and types of injury.

Many businesses are required to give employees training in first aid so that in the case of an emergency in the work place, the ratio of first aid trained staff is kept at a suitably high level. Therefore the chance that one will be present when an accident occurs will be significantly improved. If an incident did happen, an employee who has gained a first aid qualification such as provided by St. Andrew’s may be able to prevent further injury and provide aid and support until the emergency services arrive.

If the young people on the Soccer Success course can present themselves for interview with potential employers with this type of qualification it will undoubtedly improve their employability prospects.

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